Classroom Scence

Student Character

The Rwanda Friends Theological College is looking for those students who are serious about an education, particularly one that will prepare them to serve the Lord according to the call that God is placing on their lives. Every student who graduates has an opportunity to have life’s answers at his or her fingertips through a firm foundation of Bible study. If God is leading you to help fulfill “The Great Commission,” Rwanda Friends Theological College should receive your serious consideration.

A visit will sometimes help with your decision, so please consider this to be a personal invitation for you to visit our College. May the Lord give you wisdom and clear guidance as you prayerfully consider this important decision. If you are faithful, He will direct your path.

Be still, I will teach you the way you should go; I will instruct you and advise you. (Psalm 32: 8-9)

Classroom Scene

General Qualifications

RFTC will admit students who are academically qualified and accept the Mission of the college and its philosophy as previously described, all candidates have to respect the rules and conduct code of the college. It is expected from every candidate a demonstration of his/her moral uprightness and expression of his/her willingness of living in harmony with the objectives and policies of the college. Once these required conditions are fulfilled, the RFTC might consider the application for registration without discrimination of ecclesial origin, of ethnic group, of race, of tribe, of gender, of national origin, of color, of marital status or physical handicap.


Academic Qualifications

The college will admit candidates who had completed secondary school or its equivalent and obtained a Diploma/Certificate given by a recognized institution / the state. Students who finished secondary school without Diploma/Certificate will be admitted if they possess certificate of complete humanities or its equivalent and on the basis of the demonstration of intellectual capacity of following courses of high teaching. The candidate must obtain at least the average grade of C (56 %) in order to be admitted to the college. Candidates from other teaching systems will be assessed to determine if they are qualified or not.

All courses are to be taught in English. Students from a francophone country (in which the language of teaching in secondary school was French) will have an intensive course of English in 4 months in the first Year. In order to be admitted in the college, this student has to succeed in the English test.

Application Form for the Rwanda Friends Theological College (RFTC)

TEL: +250 788488827 or +250 788460667
E-mail : [email protected]

  1. Names ____________________________________________ Identity Card number _______________________________________
  2. Birth date ________/________/_______Male ( ) Female ( )
  3. Residential country______________________________ Province____________________________


Your Father’s name________________________ Mother’s___________________________

  1. Mark with x where it matches up yours: You are Single ( ), Married ( ), Divorced ( ), Widow ( )

Name of your spouse__________________________________________ Number of children_________

  1. Which Denomination are you a member of?__________________________________ For how long?__________
  2. What are your Church Responsibilities:

For how long? ________________

  1. On the back page, write down your Testimony.
  2. Your Local Church____________________________ Monthly Meeting of or Parish______________________________
  3. Name of your local Church Pastor_____________________________________________


  1. Did you finish your Secondary School or High School? Yes ( ) or No ( )

When did you start? When did you finish?

Write down other studies you have done or other trainings attended:

Where did you attended them?_______________________________________________When?_____________________

For how long had you attended them? ______________________________

  1. Write two people from your local Church who can bear witness about you.

Name____________________________________________________Cell phone number____________________________

Name____________________________________________________Cell phone number____________________________

  1. Write down the Way you will pay School fees in all the four terms of the Academic Year:





  1. Write your cell phone number:____________________________ and your e-mail address:________________________________________

I testify that the above information is correct and worthy

Done at__________________________ on _______/________/_________ Signature:________________________________________________________

A fee of 10,000 RWF is to be submitted along with the application.

Student Fees

Diploma Level




FEES Rwf Rwf Rwf
Tuition 240,000 240,000 480,000
Medical Fee 5,000 5,000 10,000
Caution Money
(refundable at leaving)
5,000 0 5,000
Graduation Fee 0 5,000 5,000


250,000 250,000 500,000

Financial Aid


As part of the application process, students are required to state how they expect to pay their fees, whether self- funded, or through sponsorship assistance from family members, friends, their churches or a community development fund. Aid contributed by sponsors specifically on behalf of a student will be credited to that student’s account. If sponsorship contributions exceed the fees required for the academic year, they will be credited to the following academic year. Financial aid credited to a student account but not used by the time the student graduates will be returned to RFTC to be used to help other students with RFTC fees, unless otherwise directed by the donor.


Scholarships are based on financial need. All students are eligible to apply for financial assistance, although the fund is more limited for non-Evangelical Friends students. Application for financial assistance must be submitted by July 1 prior to the start of the September semester.