The Nature of the Diploma Program

Diploma programs in the context of Rwanda’s educational system are designed for those who have completed high school and are seeking preparation in a particular vocation, rather than proceeding into university studies. RFTC’s vocational focus is on ministry and church leadership. Those who enroll will already have some experience in ministry within the church and in other settings. After two years of alternating coursework and guided practical experience they will be ready for pastoral ministry for ministry in other settings.

Studies in RFTC are organized in Terms of 6 weeks. The courses are taught in 6 weeks intensively and after this there is are six weeks of practicum in the field. Students will normally be enrolled in 15 to 18 hours of credits, that is, 5 to 6 courses per term. With approval, students who have the average of more than 76% per course will be authorized to enroll in more than 18 credits. Students can take two or three courses during the semester of the summer. The number of hourly credits for each course is the same as the number of class hours per week.