Campus Life



The Chapel organizes one service per week. This service contributes to the spiritual growth of all the community of the college. Participation in the chapel services is required of teachers, students and all members of the staff. Chapel services are marked by different worship styles including musical programs, preaching, Bible teaching, plays and questions of social life.

Day of Prayer

Once per month, there is a day that the college suspends courses for prayer where staff and students must participate.

Spiritual Reflection

Every year, the College organizes six days of spiritual reflection. The first three days are planned during the semester of February and the rest is organized in the semester of September.  In these days the program is organized around spiritual reflection on a particular topic of spiritual development.

Discipleship Groups

In addition to teaching in the classroom, faculty members provide pastoral care and support to students. Each teacher is assigned a small group of students, in order to:

  • Develop collegial relationships with students
  • Identify students’ gifts in ministry
  • Encourage students’ spiritual development
  •  Aid students’ discernment in academic and professional matters
  • Share more equitably the work load of pastoral counseling of students among faculty

The teachers will participate in the students’ discipleship group meetings on Wednesdays and meet individually with students at least twice during the term. By asking teachers to focus on particular students, to cultivate a deeper fellowship and find renewal in this aspect of the work.