2016 Graduation Speakers

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Jim LeShana, Ph.D.

Barclay College, Haviland, Kansas, USA

Jim LeShana is the Vice President for Academics at Barclay College, and he directs the Professional Studies Program of the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership. Having grown up in the Friends Church, having served the Friends Church for 30 years as Pastor, and having completed his doctoral studies in Church History, Jim loves Christ’s Church. Jim is also a talented musician in the church. He and his lovely wife, Jeanine, sing beautiful duets and share their musical talent generously during Friends worship services. He is a true friend in the spirit of Jesus, who teaches, “You are my friends if you do what I command you” (John 15:14).


Robert Wafula, Ph.D.

Friends Theological College (FTC), Kaimosi, Kenya

Robert Wafula, Principal of Friends Theological College (FTC), Kenya. He is a Friends pastor, a Christian leader, a scholar of religion, a social scientist and an educator. He is an alumnus of Friends Theological College, St. Paul’s United Theological College in Limuru, Kenya, Earlham School of Religion and Ohio University. His PhD was earned from Ohio University in the field of Cultural Studies in Education with his research focusing on the intersection of indigenous cultural practices and Christian faith among the Bukusu community of western Kenya. He holds two master’s degrees—in International Affairs and in Religious Studies—and has published in the fields of cultural studies, development studies, Quakerism and comparative religions.

Robert reflects on his vision for FTC: “When I think of Friends Theological College (FTC), Kenya, I think of my 75 year old mother. She was widowed in 1988 and has never had a stable income. I love her dearly. She relies on me, my wife Nancy, and my siblings and their families for support. She gave us so much, over so many years. It brings me joy to be able to give something back to her now that she depends on us for her survival. Like my mother, FTC gave me a strong foundation for a lifetime of ministry. But unlike my mother, FTC is not widowed nor orphaned. FTC has produced many sons and daughters. It has fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts in the name of yearly meetings and other Quaker organizations that come together under the umbrella of Friends United Meeting (FUM). In essence, we are the relatives this college looks to for support. We who have gained so much, can now take joy and pride in giving back to our college.”